Amazon associate tools for Drupal 6...sort of

Check the previous three posts and you'll see the basic functionality for Amazon Associate Tools is now functional here on Code.

Searching for Books, DVDs and Music is supported; other product types would be added by customizing the include file for the Amazon site you are querying just like last version. Bulk imports are next. Blocks come after that; I believe I'll get both squared away this weekend.

Some folks complained the detail page url didn't wind up crediting their account when folks purchased things. Rather than using the detail page url to like to a product, I used a "approved do-it-yourself" link.

I do have shortcomings to overcome. Notice the Amazon.com search page is not integrated into the site search functionality. It seems to do that you have to actually use the Search API. Maybe I screwed the menu definition when I tried it. Also, the database tables as slightly different...upgradable, but no upgrade yet.

Well, that was a surprise

I've just been diddling around with this site. I didn't realize folks had seen it and left comments.

I suppose I'll have to check a bit more regularly.

More selfish programming

I got dismayed by politics the other day, so I decided to write some code. Code is rational. I decided to write another commenting enhancement.

On my political site I require folks to register in order to comment. Sometimes I want to throw the post open, let the world reply to specific items. So I wrote a simple module called Open Thread. It adds a checkbox to the node creation forms (immediately above the comment options so it's easy to find) which, when checked, marks the node as an open thread which anyone who can see the "New comment" link can comment on without administrative intercession. This means you can still disallow folks from commenting at all.


I've been running my political/editorial web site Prometheus 6 on Drupal since around version 4.2. Every module I've developed was for use on Prometheus 6 or some other experiment I was running.

Currently it's running on version 5.x and I was actually pretty satisfied with it. Had no real intention of upgrading to 6.x. But I was contacted by Sony BMG to write some interface code for Amazon.com. They wanted to use SimpleXML rather than the DOM, and some other music-specific stuff. That had me hanging around the Drupal API site, which showed me all the 6.x stuff, and well, here I am.

The joint is still naked...a bare-bones install. That will change as I start porting and writing and such.

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